Keith & Helene Dearborn Scholarship

Scholarship recognizes a music education major who has made, or shows the potential to make, a significant contribution to the BGSU music program, shows excellent musical and academic achievement, and exhibits those personal qualities essential for success as a teacher of general (classroom) music.

Must be a music education major in the College of Musical Arts.
Preference given to graduate students.
If an undergraduate student, has attained at least junior standing; if a graduate student, have been in residence in the College of Musical Arts for at least one semester.
Must have successfully completed course work and/or internship experiences in general (classroom) music.
Minimum 3.0 GPA.
Exhibit personal qualities appropriate to the teaching profession.
Demonstrate strong career interest in and aptitude for the field of general (classroom) music education.
This award is non-renewable.

College of Musical Arts, Graduate Scholarships, Music Education