Thompson Working Families Scholarship Program

The Robert and Ellen Thompson Working Families Scholarship Program was founded to provide access to higher education, specifically for incoming first-year students from working families where the cost to attend may have deterred or prevented their enrollment. Students receiving this scholarship are awarded up to $5,500 from the Thompson Foundation, with up to a $5,500 match from BGSU. The total $11,000 value includes a student’s initial University Freshmen Academic Award (UFAS) offer as part of their total aid package. This scholarship program is based on financial need and rewards high school academic performance and commitment to service. Incoming first-year students need to apply for fall admission and submit the FAFSA by March 15. Students will be expected to engage with the scholarship program by attending our Summer Link/Orientation the week before classes begin and other group programming, group service initiatives, and one-on-ones with their scholarship advisor throughout the year. This is a four-year scholarship program where scholars are provided opportunities to Connect, Engage, and Serve and have the support of a team of advisors.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe what receiving this scholarship would mean to you.
  2. Are you willing to do community service as part of your scholarship award?
  3. Is one of your parents or a guardian currently working? Or if you are an Independent student, are you currently employed?
  4. Are you willing to attend one-on-one and group meetings on a consistent basis with the scholarship advisors?